Manufacturer of leather goods.

In Global Leather Goods we are experts

in project development and manufacturing

of leather goods.

Our team is composed of outstanding professionals in the sector. The knowledge of raw materials, pattern making, composition and production, give us the main added values to make the manufacturing of a product an experience.

We work on advice and guidance for all those companies and brands that want a leather goods manufacturer that bases the project development relationship on trust and transparency.

We currently manufacture for some of the most prestigious brands in the world. Our products are in stores in more than 60 countries.


Desktop environment.

Here you will find a selection of desktop items such as; mouse pads, desk pads, desk protectors, mats, vades, pencil cases, pencil bins, wastebaskets, cases or desk pads among others.

Document holder

The taste for exclusive items for everyday business. Folders and document holders with excellent finishes and customization options are an infallible resource for events, congresses, Christmas gifts for employees and clients or other marketing actions. Take a look at it here.

Key chains

Personalized leather key chains are items that, due to their dimensions, often provide us with versatility for corporate gifts or small leather goods store spaces. In this section you will find a very attractive selection of key chains handmade in Spain by expert leather craftsmen.

Small leather goods.

In our factory in the Sierra de Cádiz, our craftsmen develop a special work to bring much added value to the leather goods that will defend your signature. Leather goods are undoubtedly an exponent in this sector. Take a look at the selection and enjoy.

Travel accessories.

ake a look at the leather travel items in this section and get ideas to develop your own collection, product or marketing campaign if you are going to use the product as a corporate gift.

Notebooks and agendas.

One of our priorities is to develop new alternatives in personalized notebooks and notepads. Therefore, in addition to the products already known in this section, you will find the most innovative version, FlexNoteBK, the flexible notebook.

Manufacturer of leather goods.

Manufactured in Spain by expert leather craftsmen.


Our products are aimed at various channels. After all, we are the parent company, the manufacturer. Within the possibilities of any manufacturing we can intervene to achieve different objectives. Better prices, the highest quality, speed in manufacturing, design objectives, innovation... You can start by setting us a challenge.

We target different channels.

We work on a product line for brands.

Another line is dedicated to corporate gifts.

And a very special one to the contract channel.

At Global Leather Goods, as a leather goods manufacturer, we have developed a methodology based on the needs of customers in each sector or segment. Because it is not the same to focus a production on customer loyalty or promotional marketing action than to work on the development of prototypes, designs and corrections to launch a product on the market under the symbol of a prestigious brand.

In our range of products and services you will find the distinction and professionalism of a company that has forged its credibility as a leather goods manufacturer working under clear values.

For those companies that want to make a business gift that stands out and is out of the ordinary, that makes an impact and remains in the memory, we have a selection of products already included in a catalog with which we will only have to work on their customization, color selection, packaging and corporate details.

For brands, both those that are just starting out in the market and those that are already consolidated, we offer a complete consulting service for product development, prototypes, 2D and 3D designs and even the development of exclusive skins and colors for your brand.

And for the Contract Channel we offer a fantastic selection of products for the decoration of hotels, restaurants and other spaces. We will work with a wide range of natural and recycled materials to enhance the image of the space.

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