We do our best to make things as easy as possible for you. These are the services we can do for you.


Mock-up your gift

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The Mockup Your Gift service is the name of a solution created to speed up the decision and purchase process for our customers.

Since our products have a high level of customization, we have thought that incorporating a service that generates virtual sketches to scale so that the customer can verify new alternatives and options for their desired product, is a tool that can make the task of choosing sweeter.

In addition, it presents the product in a more realistic, more professional and more adapted to the corporate reality of your company.

You only have to attach the logo of your company or institution in the contact form and you will be able to see exactly how your order will look like, so you will not regret your decision. It’s that easy. That fast. So customizable.

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Picking + Distribution

Working with demanding companies with a large volume of purchases has led us to offer a picking and distribution service for your order.

In many occasions you will want to receive all the merchandise together, but in others, you will prefer that we send bulky merchandise to different points in Spain, Europe or the rest of the world.

This service is mainly used by multinationals or companies with a wide national territorial extension that require a plus of agility at the time of receiving the merchandise.


Exclusive project service

Having a specialized team allows us to work on projects that start from scratch.

One of the most complex parts of the job, and one of the best differentiates us in our industry is to be able to address projects starting from a sketch freehand and become real products that did not exist until now, and that provide potential added value for the company.

Take advantage of our experience, share with us your idea and let’s build something new.


Prototyping laboratory

The most ambitious projects require the best professionals working for you. That is why, after years of research, we have developed a complete and exclusive prototyping service based in a laboratory with professionals of the highest level in leather goods.

This service starts with an exhaustive analysis of the product, the idea and the project. And it ends with a faithful and realistic prototype with the clear objective of carrying out a subsequent production run.

We will make patterns, cut dies, look for shortcuts in tailoring to improve costs and optimize production and turn your idea into a reality.

Consult with our team and they will walk you through the entire process.

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Private catalog service

It is an exclusive service for our Contract division (Bayón Pellicer Contract). Large hotel groups, designers and architects need tools that make their projects easier to work with.

The service of private catalog allows us to put customer needs in common with the manufacturing capabilities of Global Leather Goods and to generate a exclusive catalog for you, which allows you to give the company’s departments the autonomy necessary to manage purchases in a more convenient way.