1999 – The beginning of a business venture.

Jorge Bayón and Amparo Pellicer, two professionals with a long career in the sector, started their business venture and founded Bayón Pellicer.

The illusion, the capacity of work and a very deep knowledge in the editorial field complete the requirements to create one of the main firms of corporate agendas of the sector. A company is born and confirms its professional endorsement by signing the first sales contract with a public institution, the Valencia City Council.

2002 – Consolidation of the company in the market.

The company consolidates its position in the market by working as an approved supplier for large multinational companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Keraben Group, Porcelanosa, Plastic Omnium… And public institutions with high standards.

The number of editions of agendas grew and we decided to take advantage of our know-how and our financial leeway to enter the world of leather goods and make the leap into the leather working sector.

2005 – A vertical integration leap.

We moved our offices to Plaza de España in Valencia.

Our volume allows us to reach agreements with our clothing and manufacturing process suppliers, leading us to work with them as inter-suppliers and concentrating their human and technical resources in us.We absorb the handling, picking and distribution process, concentrating it in new facilities in Valencia, with the consequent increase in quality control.A backward Vertical Integration strategy that will help us in the future to work with a much more competitive timing.

2007 – Figures are growing.

Our corporate leather goods division has reached an optimum turnover to initiate a strategic approach and evaluate the option of a new vertical integration backwards, absorbing our suppliers of manufacturing processes.

The agenda division has a very strong position in the market. A better negotiating position towards our printing and binding suppliers allows us to reduce the costs of these processes.

2008 – A wise decision.

When sales were better than ever, and all the circumstances were perfect to make the investment and absorb all the production systems, buy facilities in the mountains of Cadiz and hire a team of 15 workers plus a production manager, the company’s management decided to maintain a position of control with their inter-suppliers, to present a support for investment in machinery, but to maintain the structure they had so far.

The main reason was linked to the claim of having constant fixed costs that could be easily adapted to market circumstances. It was a success, a smart decision.

2009 – We joined the Contract Channel.

The company decides to take advantage of the technical processes to create a hotel equipment division (aimed at the Contract Channel) and thus enter a parallel sector that will generate turnover and alleviate the seasonality of the business.

2013 – The second generation of the family business joins the company.

Ricardo Bayón joined the company as head of communications.

He starts a project to adapt the company’s image to the new market circumstances and at the same time begins the process to renew the company’s website.

The main objective was to achieve a better image and orient it to the online channel to improve the return of web visitors.

2015 – The first results of a digital marketing strategy.

The results of the new web site are evident and are reflected in the following data. 85% of the company’s new customers are acquired through the online channel thanks to organic positioning and SEM tactics.

2016 – A strategy designed to improve the customer experience.

An ambitious project to diversify our client portfolio and sectorial treatment begins.

The idea of creating brands for the different divisions and a new company with a renewed image as a manufacturer of leather goods that could have a place in the international market in the near future is being considered. The first brand was born as part of a project for an important multinational in the technology sector.

FlexNoteBK, the flexible notebook, is born (“Agile concepts for awakened minds”)

2017 – A strategy with a Global vision for the group is launched.

2017 will be the year of the implementation of everything seen a year ago. Global Leather Goods, SLU will be born.

Ricardo Bayón will take over the management of the company. The detallalia.com project will be launched.

A new publishing imprint, Phant Agendas, will be created.

The project for the change of facilities is initiated, seeking greater storage capacity, better communications for transportation and facilities in view of a growth forecast.

2019 – Business Development.

We opened new facilities in Picanya (Valencia) and in the industrial park La Ventilla in Prado del Rey.
Expansion of factory facilities (manufacturing processes).

We jumped into the market of the big fashion brands, becoming suppliers of Ralph Laurent, Adidas and becoming part of the supply chain of the Inditex Group for some of its brands.
We incorporated new delegates to our sales team for those areas of the national market that demanded it.

We developed a new, more specialized product line oriented to the Contract Channel.
Incorporation of eco-sustainable materials to the portfolio. Including 100% PET fabrics recycled from bottles collected from the ocean.
We created an internal stock of materials to meet our product demand with greater agility.
We forged a commercial alliance with a leading Spanish tannery for the development of new leather finishes.

At Global Leather Goods we like to think that companies are made up of people first, then machines, and finally ceilings and walls.
More human value is more potential for the company.

We like to do things right. We want the results to go beyond the purchase. May the experience of sharing a project be a nurturing one. We love to share the know-how of our customers. We are a demanding, motivated, close, multidisciplinary, proactive and professional team.

Surely we can achieve the value you want for your corporate image. Let’s do interesting projects together. Let’s enjoy creating something good for your company.

About Global Leather Goods

Description: Our main activities are the manufacturing of quality leather goods for companies and brands, the elaboration of different articles for the contract channel and complements for hotel equipment, and of course the edition of high quality and high performance personalized corporate agendas. Global Leather Goods is a dynamic and positive company in a constant state of improvement and value proposition.

Mission: To achieve a high coverage capacity through our leather products, for all sectors related to our industry and derivatives.

Vision: To become a complete, international and multisectorial solution for all those companies that demand leather articles, derivatives, special and additional articles in all segments and ranges.



At Global Leather Goods we strive to achieve our goals and set ourselves new challenges. This exercise for self-improvement makes us grow as a company and makes the human team that composes it grow.


Every visit to our company, every call, every new business relationship, every contact, is a source of pride for us and we try to transmit it through trust and transparency, the most personalized treatment.


We like to work with quality companies whose exigency brings a plus of character to each job. We are aware that every company leaves its image in our hands and that is why Global Leather Goods is committed to act with commitment and honesty.


Of course we like to be number one in quality, but we also love to boast great service. Working with us once will dispel your doubts. We do things right and always on time.

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