They trust us

"The best companies choose the best suppliers".

Below you can see some of the projects in which we have put our illusion and know-how. We are very proud to have the confidence of our clients and to lend our knowledge and our means to carry out projects that are so different from one another, but at the same time so motivating and nurturing.
Take a look at this gallery, you might find it useful to get ideas and implement a nice idea.



adidas España SAU

With Adidas we have recently developed two projects, one for adidas® and one for adidas runners ®. Both of them in the editorial field. In the first case we made a corporate agenda full of high quality images of athletes, and in the second case we made some notebooks with a great interior design, for an advertising campaign.


Huawei corporate agenda project

For Huawei we presented a project of corporate agendas with different versions. Their characteristic and lively corporate image greatly favored the selection of materials and the filter of options for this project. Their agendas include corporate pages with high quality text and images, including a map with their very important presence all over the planet.


DACSA's corporate notebook

DACSA really liked our FlexNoteBK as a corporate element for their business group. A commitment to a recurring use product with a great brand impact. The most striking aspect of this project is the marking system we used. Being a flexible notebook, and wanting to use a full color marking, we opted for an innovative digital printing technology with flexible UVI inks that give relief to the marking and provide flexibility and resistance to the marking, increasing the durability far beyond that of the notebook itself.

University of Valencia

La Tenda de la Universitat de València

We have carried out many projects with the Universitat de València. Many of the products we manufacture for them can be purchased in their online store or their physical stores. We are really proud to collaborate with such a prestigious institution in projects of such aesthetic beauty. In the picture you can see one of the last products. A handbag made of high quality water repellent suede leather that incorporates a polished metal zipper and a fringed puller.


Lomonaco's agenda project

We have manufactured several editions of the agendas of Grupo Lomonaco, the prestigious and well-known firm of high quality mattresses. For their latest edition we worked with brown and earth tones and used the flexible uvi ink marking technology for the logo on the cover and dry thermo engraving to insert the year on the upper right side.


Mercedes-Benz AMG

More than 20 years working for Mercedes-Benz. This one you see here is one of the products developed for AMG, the sportiest line of the German manufacturer. We have configured a product that combines two materials that stand out for their quality. Black matte finish cowhide leather with soft touch (silk) and black neoprene. We added a zipper with black teeth to give a ``total black`` exterior look and engraved the AMG logo (``Driving performance``). The icing on the cake is on the inside. We added a red lining in 100% cotton premium twill.

Indi & Cold

A project for Indi & Cold Lounge

The leading brand Indi & Cold relies on our manufacturing of leather goods for its commercialization in stores. The image you see on the right is part of their portfolio of product images. The product is a premium quality 100% natural cowhide leather coin purse.


XIAOMI Corporate Agendas

Xiaomi proposes us the project of developing their corporate agendas adjusting the parameters to their corporate image. We studied with them the material options and they chose the material Vivella® A858, a perfect color for their image. We also included a corporate page with a brand message on the inside. The model shown in the image is the SC-20, a 20x26 cm agenda with leatherette covers.

Mandarin Oriental

We manufacture hotel equipment for the Mandarin Oriental chain.

The Mandarin Oriental project is linked to our ``Contract Channel`` division. For them we manufacture decorative and functional accessories for different areas of the hotels. Service directories, notebooks, trays, coasters, bill holders, etc. It is a group with a high level of demand and we love this, because it forces us to improve and adapt to their creative proposals.

Valencia Port

La Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia

As many of our customers know, for some years we have had a division dedicated to the commercialization of products for corporate gifts (Detallalia) outside the scope of our leather goods manufacturing. The Port Authority of Valencia is one of the institutions that trust us for this service, because they know the rigor with which we work, the special attention we pay to traceability, our competitive level and the exhaustive quality controls that our products must pass. This is one of the products we have developed for Valencia Port.


Hotel Equipment for Eurostars

Grupo Hotusa presented us with a challenge of immediate supply and logistics for its more than 2500 hotels around the world. We had to develop each of the products that would make up many of the rooms in these hotels and incorporate in our facilities a stock that would allow us to cover immediate needs (within 48 hours) after the purchase of new hotels by the chain, anywhere in Europe. On the right you can see the model of wastepaper basket that we developed for them and that today you can find in many of the hotels of their firm, Eurostars.


Mercedes-Benz España, S.A.U

It is touching to look back and see that a brand of the enormous prestige of Mercedes-Benz has been trusting us for more than 20 years. Although we have manufactured for them countless product references based on brilliant ideas, today we offer the courtesy of the presence of the corporate agenda made of cowhide leather that the firm publishes every year for its national network of dealers.


Robert Bosch España, S.L.U

The truth is that we developed the first FlexNoteBK® for Bosch before we even named it. They were looking for this notebook concept. Flexible. Very high quality. With a cover material that, despite being completely white, was resistant and easy to clean. With a flat, red rubber that would enhance the brand image through this product. It was so successful that we created a brand for this type of notebook that, today, travels alone in the market meeting its own demand.



This is probably one of the most beautiful projects we have done. Especially because of its important cultural implication. The objective was to develop the design of a box that would house a large book of the ANDO Complete Works edition and a Sketch. The structure was made of wood with a varnished finish. The entire exterior of the box was lined in high quality recycled leather and the interior details were lined in red ``Chamel`` material. A very demanding project that leaves us with a precious memory.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren España S.L.

With Ralph Lauren we have developed a corporate editorial project and we are really happy with the result. The coherence of the selection of materials on their corporate image is having a lot of success. They have chosen for the marking the option of dry heat embossing on the leatherette of the covers.

Zara Home

Zara Home España S.A.

Since we have been part of the Zara Home supply chain, we have developed a significant number of projects, several of which have seen the light of day so far. The level of demand of this important brand of the Inditex Group has helped us to learn a lot at their side and to establish new internal protocols and create some fundamental bureaucracies for the proper development of an activity at the highest level. The product you can see below is part of one of the living room collections we developed with them. Behind the simplicity and elegance of this article are hidden many hours of work of professionals from all areas. Chemical tanning engineers, first line technicians, leatherworkers, seamstresses and so many others who deserve the mutual gratitude of the team they are part of.


thyssenkrupp's corporate agendas



Corporate coin purse for Vichy Catalan



The BUNZL PremiumBK

We work with Bunzl every year on several corporate gift projects. We have highlighted in this case the PremiumBK that we manufacture for them, because it is interesting to emphasize that it is a product of recurrent use with a very high level of quality and a luxury presentation. A black lined case with black glossy stamping for the seal to a fantastic gift.


FlexNoteBK® Project for OHL

We have recently manufactured one of our favorite products in the editorial line for OHL. The FlexNoteBK® notebooks. In this case with navy blue covers, dry-embossed marking and personalization in white.