Personalized leather document holder Verdi

Verdi leather document holder is a complete solution as a corporate gift if we are thinking of a high profile in terms of corporate impact. It is catalogued as a luxury document holder configured as an executive gift due to the quality of the finish, the high level of personalization, the quality of the leather with which it is made and the level of detail in terms of departments and versatility.

It has 4 departments for cards, 5 longitudinal departments with different sizes and depths and a support to carry a pen. Both its interior and exterior are made of high quality leather, and although we can manufacture it for you in another material, we recommend that you do it in leather because it is a product that deserves it.

On the right side there is an a4 size notepad, easily replaceable in any stationery store.

In addition, as with most of our products, you have the option of choosing the type of closure for your document folder. Closure by loop, clasp or magnet.

You can also choose from a multitude of materials. Smooth leather, natural pumped, embossed, and even combine two types of leather or two colors on the cover.

And of course, you can choose the color of the stitching of your personalized document holder.

Portadocumentos de piel con bloc


  • Reference: 2005 (Verdi Document Holder)
  • Material: available in any type of leatherette (100% polyurethane) or natural cowhide with different finishes.
  • Size of the closed product: 23.5 cm wide, 32 cm high and 1.5 cm thick.
  • Presentation: Choose the presentation you are most interested in for this product. From the product wrapped in kraft paper, to the product presented in a box lined with your logo stamping and wrapping paper inside.

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