Manufacturing process

Global Leather Goods, a 360º service

At Global Leather Goods we put all our efforts to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. To this end, we provide the customer with a 360º service, which has an impact from the manufacture of the product, thanks to the use of high quality raw materials, to the delivery of the product, ensuring its arrival on time, and including a free mockup service that allows the user to customize their product without any commitment.

The following is a detailed description of each of these features Take note!

Fast delivery

We are used to working with the most demanding customers, that is why we are committed to meet the delivery times agreed at the time of placing the order. This is the case of 2022 agendas, as they are an indispensable tool for any office worker on a daily basis. That’s why we make sure they arrive on the day and at the time scheduled.

In addition, we also have a top quality picking and distribution service for the benefit of our customers. With it, we adapt to the needs of companies that require delivery of the purchased product in different geographical locations. This service is specific for large volume purchases by multinational companies with different locations throughout the country.


Handcrafted manufacturing

At Global Leather Goods we treat our product with the greatest possible care. For this reason, we have the best team of leather craftsmen in charge of giving all our products the best care in each of the phases of the manufacturing process.

In sections such as leather goods, we use cowhide leather and we use it in a tanning process that mixes craftsmanship with the use of chemical components. If you want to see the different stages that the product goes through during this tanning process, you have to read the blogpost on leather goods we wrote about a few weeks ago.

Global Leather Goods, un servicio 360º

It should be noted that the advantages of working directly with a leather goods manufacturer such as Global Leather Goods are immense since, as a customer, you will be able to custom design your own products, choose the place of engraving, the size or select exhaustively the materials with which we manufacture the products.

Made in Spain’ process

At Global Leather Goods we have our entire production process located in Spain. The “Made In Spain” provides great advantages for a brand like ours. Among these, the high quality of the raw material acquired in our country stands out. In addition, these materials are exposed to exhaustive quality control processes that guarantee the value of the product.

Another of the most outstanding characteristics of this manufacturing process in Spain is the proximity of the production process itself, as it allows us to control, customize and monitor the entire production process, something that is becoming increasingly important in our corporate culture. Of course, control of the production process also improves the internal relationship with employees, as well as providing greater flexibility and speed in solving any problems that may arise.

For this reason, in Global Leather Goods we have all our workshops in national territory, providing greater flexibility in our distribution, helping to create jobs in national territory and supporting entrepreneurship.

Product customization

We adapt to the customer and what he needs. Over the years, we have learned that buying a corporate product without seeing it beforehand is complicated. For this reason, a few months ago we created the ‘Free Mockup’ service, with which the customer can customize his product in a 100% flexible way without any kind of commitment.

In this way, our mockup streamlines the purchasing process and with the help of our virtual sketches, the customer has a much easier option to choose and verify the chosen products.


In addition, we have incorporated a new exclusive service of our brand for the Contract division (Bayón Pellicer Contract) in which we can generate an exclusive catalog for the client, providing the necessary autonomy to manage purchases in a more comfortable way.

Global Leather Goods, un servicio 360º - sostenibilidad


At Global Leather Goods, we are also strongly committed to sustainability. Through the project ‘Join Life. Join Leather Experience’ project, we improve the circular economy process and help reduce the environmental impact by reusing surplus stock of corporate gifts to manufacture new products and sell them at a much more affordable price, without reducing the quality of the material.

In addition, we have incorporated a new line of RPET and Seaqual materials, 100% recycled from plastic bottles collected from the oceans.


Exclusive projects

We like to accompany our clients from birth and throughout their growth stage. For this reason, we make our own production process and image available to the customer upon request so that the customer can easily access the market.

We love to see projects like Dikti, which emerged from a sketch and has ended up becoming one of the leading e-commerce of leather goods in Spain.

To turn the customer’s project into reality, we will make adjustments, patterns, cutting dies and anything else necessary in order to reduce costs and optimize production.

To make your idea come true, just contact one of our experts.

We have personalized agendas, corporate notebooks, leather goods and other products so that you can improve your company image and benefit from all the advantages of corporate gifts.

We make every effort to ensure that our products are of great help to our customers.