Corporate gifts

Personalized corporate gifts

A corporate gift is a special element that can help us connect with our target audience as a brand and even with our employees. In other words, it is one more element for the external and internal communication of your company.

That is why, from Global Leather Goods we believe that corporate gifts play a very important role, and in this blogpost we will talk about the advantages that a good corporate gift provides both internally and externally. If you still have doubts that it has a positive effect, read on!

Ideas regalos empresa personalizados

Advantages of corporate gifts


There are many ways to do business branding, however, one of the best ways is through customized corporate gifts with the logo and name of your company, making your brand much more notorious than with other traditional marketing actions.

However, it is very important that the corporate gift you choose is useful for your customers or employees in order to be perceived in a positive way. For example, at Global Leather Goods, we always recommend to our customers the 2022 Agendas or any leather goods product. Everyday products and their high quality guarantee their use and brand impact.

A lasting investment

Many companies believe that this type of gift is just another way of wasting money and sometimes prefer to save it. However, corporate gifts do not have to be a big investment for the brand for one reason: the impact they can generate in the consumer’s mind or the loyalty of your employees can generate a good return on investment.

Corporate gifts have a long-term effect on brand impact. That is why the still picture is that of an investment “today”, a range of months or years.


Generate new customers

We all love gifts, and if it is a useful object, so much the better. Therefore, a gift can inspire the customer curiosity in your company and, consequently, subscribe to one of your newsletters or fill out a form on your website.

One of the business objectives must be customer loyalty and this type of strategy is aimed at achieving it.


Sales increase

The greater awareness of your brand thanks to corporate gifts and a good image on the part of your customer, can make them end up buying your products or services.

Generating a positive and lasting memory in a customer has a boomerang effect. By being present in your consumer’s mind you will provoke cross-selling and up-selling.


Customer loyalty

By giving personalized corporate gifts, you will improve your customer’s view of you. In addition, you will also improve the positioning in the consumer’s mind, so they will tend to repeat the purchase of your product or service.

Giving someone a promotional product will help with repeat consumer habits.


Mouth to ear

Customers who have received a promotional gift and are satisfied with your brand will not hesitate to recommend your company. So these customers can be the first promoters of your brand, generating new customers.


Improve the B2B relationship

Businesses are very likely to take note of free personalized business gifts offered by other businesses. If the advertising gift you give to another company is something they use in their office environment, they will always keep you in mind and establish a much closer relationship with your brand. For example, the corporate notebooks or desk accessories are a perfect option to achieve this goal.


Exclusive design

When giving a corporate gift, you should make sure that it adequately represents the company’s values. To do this, it is necessary to move away from the typical generic item with your company logo printed on it and try to generate an appearance of exclusivity.


Improved work environment

One of the best ways to reward your employee’s work is through a corporate gift. This way, employees will be happy to work with you and even improve productivity.


Greater cohesion

Employees who receive a corporate gift will have a greater sense of belonging to your company. This will also help you to build loyalty among your own employees so that they are the ones to generate new clients, and make your company’s image prosper by speaking well of it in its environment.


As we have already mentioned, corporate gifts offer many advantages that you may not be aware of. However, at Global Leather Goods we are very clear that the difference between just another corporate gift and an exclusive corporate gift makes the difference, both inside and outside your company.

For this reason, we believe it is important that you choose a corporate gift in line with your brand values and, more importantly, with the values that increasingly govern our society. Product quality, sustainability or craftsmanship are essential to create a unique corporate gift and are the key factors in the creation of a corporate gift. values we follow at Global Leather Goods.

To achieve this, we carry out a meticulous work in the design and quality of the product, through a handcrafted and environmentally sustainable process.


Personalized corporate gift ideas

We have already explained the advantages and even given some advice, but what should I give to my customers or employees?

Read on, we’re going to give you some ideas for corporate gifts that will get you an A+.

Personalized Agendas

An agenda is one of the best gifts you can give. In addition to being used on a daily basis to organize the day to day, it is a very personal work item. If it is also personalized, even better.

Global Leather Goods designs more than 2000 combinations to customize the agendas to the customer’s taste. Here you can take a look at the types of agenda and choose the one you like best.


Global Leather Goods agenda cases are made in a 100% handmade way with a first quality product. You can also request a free ‘Mockup’ that will be made by the design team to have a unique customization.


Travel toiletries

A travel toiletry bag is a highly valued gift for the utility it provides. As we say, this type of gifts will improve your image as a company and will build customer loyalty, since it will improve the positioning of your company in their mind.

We carry a wide variety of toiletry bags essential for any adventure around the world. Of course, these items are 100% customizable and are handmade, undergoing strict quality controls during the manufacturing process.

Travel bags, toiletry bags, name tags, travel luggage and backpacks are just some of the products we have to make your customer or employee’s trip as comfortable as possible.


Document holder

If your work takes place in an office, a document holder is a necessary item for your day-to-day work.

At Global Leather Goods we have an exclusive range of fully customizable document holders and handbags. We also have hundreds of different finishes and colors that will adapt to the corporate image of your company.


Leather goods

One of the most widespread options for corporate gifts are leather goods. Among these items are coin purses, wallets, card holders, pouches, etc.

In addition, working directly with a leather goods manufacturer such as Global Leather Goods offers a differential advantage when it comes to choosing the size, type of customization and quality of the raw materials used.


Welcome Pack

The first impression that the customer gets of your brand is one of the most important things, therefore, this type of gift will greatly improve your brand image with respect to your customer. In addition, customer loyalty will be much higher with this type of gift.

We have made every effort to ensure that our products are of great help in offering corporate gifts both internally and externally and, as a result, you can gain that competitive advantage we have talked about.

If you have any questions or need more information about our products, please contact one of our experts at Global Leather Goods.