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Advantages of “Made In Spain” products

As you know, we are going through one of the toughest economic and social times in our country. Hundreds of businesses and companies will not reopen their doors due to the crisis caused by Covid 19. For this reason, it is necessary to help the Spanish industry to favor our economy and employment. Although this is something that we have been doing since our inception in Global Leather Goods, now more than ever, we believe in the ‘made in Spain’ manufacturing of our products.

Globalization has caused the purchase of domestic products to be drastically reduced. Local and even national commerce is being harmed by this circumstance.

Today we want to highlight the advantages of manufacturing and buying products made in Spain. Here we go!



The production on national territory has a favorable point in common among all the factories, “the expertise of the national factories”. Spanish manufacturing adds value to the product due to its quality. In the case of the leather and leather goods sector, Spain has major manufacturers, which is one of the strengths of our country.

These “Made in Spain” products are exposed to quality control processes to ensure the highest level of quality. This is why the product manufactured in national territory may be somewhat more expensive, but you should know how to value all the work done to meet all the needs.

In the case of Global Leather Goods, there are many products in the leather goods sector with which it works. With a very high quality, each of its products are the result of a production process made in Spain with all the care in the world.

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Proximity of the production process

Of course, another of the great advantages of producing “Made in Spain” is the proximity of the companies and, consequently, the possibility of controlling the production processes. This is a very important point as it allows companies to control, customize and monitor all production, something that is increasingly essential.

The control of the production process also allows a better human relationship with all the company’s employees by having direct communication with the workshops. In addition, having the factory in our own country provides flexibility and speed when it comes to solving any type of problem.

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, there is also the factor of distribution, since the ease of distribution to the stores is much greater than without having the factory nearby.

Although production in Spain is generally more expensive, another factor that makes companies choose to produce in Spain is the high quality of the product, as mentioned above.


Innovation and new technologies

Many see Spanish industry as ‘old-fashioned’ in some sectors. The reality is that innovation and new technologies are increasingly being used to improve the artisanal production process.

Until now, artisans have used techniques that are the product of experience and trial and error, and have been passed down from generation to generation. However, this is gradually changing and the Spanish handicraft industry is beginning to implement techniques that improve and facilitate the manufacturing process, further enhancing the final quality of the product.


Job openings

Of course, domestic production also provides an incentive for job creation. Domestic production and the purchase of these products will benefit local trade, which is increasingly affected by exports to other countries.

To this we must add the social factor that can occur with the purchase and production of these products “Made In Spain”, as all distribution can be done by road transport, drastically reducing the carbon footprint that can result from taking a plane.

In addition, it is important to highlight the labor conditions and the commitment of the national production companies to be fairer and more egalitarian, complying with the regulatory frameworks and labor agreements applied in this sector.


Supporting entrepreneurship

Another advantage of the “Made In Spain” products is the ability to promote job creation through entrepreneurship and the birth of new companies in our territory.

For all these reasons, it is necessary to buy products “Made In Spain” and to support Spanish entrepreneurship and the future of trade.


In summary, domestic products have numerous advantages, mainly based on the final product, which enjoys a higher quality due to greater care in the production processes, greater control and, of course, the highest quality raw materials.

The advantages of “Made In Spain” also include social factors such as working conditions, since all workers’ rights are regulated and health care is available. To this can be added the more national factor and the fact that the purchase of these national products will favor the collection of more taxes and this can be translated into an increase in public investment.

Of course, the purchase of these products will also favor entrepreneurship, since the importation of products with cheaper costs may end up destroying domestic trade and discourage an increasingly affected trade.

It is worth mentioning the current situation in which we live caused by Covid-19, a worldwide pandemic that has greatly affected the economy and industry of countries, especially Spain. This is why it is even more necessary to support this national industry.

Global Leather Goods is a company that bets on Spanish production, controlling the entire production process and betting on a product and raw material of the highest quality.

Global Leather Goods’ products include corporate agendas, with more than three types; corporate notebooks; leather goods and other products such as the “Avantgarde Collection” line, document holders, desk accessories, travel accessories and key chains. All produced with the best quality and the greatest care.