Vade Desk

It stands out as a decorative element, as a functional desk accessory. It stands out for its feel, its dimensions and its finish. The Vade Desk is a perfect addition to a hotel or high-end office desk.

It is probably one of the best and most perfect desk accessories. Its dimensions are ideal for writing, but they are also suitable for a keyboard and a computer mouse.

It will give a striking cache to your table.

Its structure is designed for a very long durability.

Its supports are made of high-strength cardboard.

Assembled in 4 phases that overlap like two sandwiches lined in the material of your choice (premium leather or high-end leatherette). Both the inner linings and the lower area that comes into contact with the table are made of an adhesive and velvety textile material. The rest of the Vade escritorio is finished with English fillet stitching.

Two longitudinal compartments on the inside will allow you to store all the documents you need.

Accesorios escritorio - vade-escritorio-piel
vade escritorio piel accesorios de escritorio


  • Product reference: 3004 (Vade Escritorio)
  • Material of confection: choose the material that you like the most for the elaboration of your Vade desk. Both leatherette and cowhide leather will bring a unique look to your table.
  • Size of the closed product: 55 cm wide, 32.5 cm high and 1.8 cm thick.
  • Presentation: when supplying hotel equipment, the product is usually shipped individually wrapped in white tissue paper. If you are going to use the product as a corporate gift, we will find together the best option for the presentation of the product.

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