Desk protector / mat

Desk protector, a complement among your desk accessories that brings an extra to the decoration of your desk, and a plus to the convenience and comfort in the office.

This desk protector is configured with a double backing of heavyweight, rigid cardboard. The exterior can be made of leather or eco-leather and the base is lined with adhesive peccary-type textile material.

In terms of brand impact, the desk protector ensures that your customer is aware of your brand on a daily basis.

If we use it as an element of hotel equipment, we can say that it is one of the best ways to dress a table. In addition, this product is complementary to others such as the desk organizer, pencil holder, wastebasket or a set of coasters among other accessories.

Accesorios escritorio - protector de escritorio


  • Product reference: 3003 (Desk protector)
  • Material: available in any type of leatherette (100% polyurethane) or natural cowhide with different finishes and colors.

  • Product size: 45 cm wide x 32 cm high.

  • Presentation: The product is usually presented wrapped in white tissue paper when it is a complement for hotel or office equipment. However, when it is a corporate gift, there are other alternatives for presentation.

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