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New 2022 personalized agendas

Offering the best to our customers is part of our DNA. That’s why we like to change. Although we like the word ‘evolve’ better. Giving the best means going the extra mile and that’s something we do year after year every time we have to design the 2022 custom agenda catalog.

This blogpost is about that effort and desire for change. A summary of everything we have changed in our 2022 agenda catalog and what you can offer your company and your customers. So, read on because we know you’re going to like it.

News on the 2022 Agendas

New formats of cases for Wire-o agendas

These personalized 2022 agendas provide additional ease of opening and writing. The cases have compartments for storing cards and documents in them. All these details provide added comfort to the end user of the product.

In addition, this design has different closure alternatives such as “closure between loops”, “with magnetic button” or “with a clasp”.

In the new season, Global Leather Goods incorporates novelties in the design of the cases of these agendas, following the usual style and design.

In addition to the cases described above, we should also mention the new TravelBK type cases, with horizontal elastic drawstring closure and flexible covers made of recycled leather.

New ring binder agenda design

These 2022 Agendas correspond to one of the most luxurious of the brand, in addition the material with which the cases are manufactured are with leather or leatherette of the highest quality.

The closing mechanism of these agendas is ring-bound with pushbuttons to ensure a much more comfortable opening.

Increased customization for personalized Agendas 2022

Global Leather Goods continues to work on providing the customer with greater customization, organizing the agenda with the ring system of their choice, types of binding and even with the customization of their cases, the main work of the brand.

We have not stopped working on corporate proposals for the interior and exterior of our 2022 personalized agendas. Therefore, we are introducing new versions of two-tone agendas, a wider range of cover colors and closure options. In addition, we have incorporated a new line of RPET and Seaqual materials, 100% recycled from plastic bottles collected from the oceans.

As with the cases for wire-o agendas, Global Leather Goods also incorporates new designs for this type of agenda, always at the forefront of innovation. And in this area we have succeeded in optimizing a system and material combinations which results in a new case model, whose interior is made of recycled leather with GRS certification, and manufacturing process with which we managed to reduce the price of our DA-17 and DA-15 models.