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2023 Agendas

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The 2023 agendas are an essential tool in any worker’s day-to-day life. That is why, from Global Leather Goods, agendas, so you can breathe easy knowing that you will receive exactly what you ordered at the right time.

In addition, with our 360º service, we allow any customer to customise the product in a 100% flexible way. Our design team will make you a free mockup in less than 24 hours.

We help you from the beginning without obligation

Agendas 2024

We explain and inform you about all the new features we have implemented for the new 2023 personalised agendas.

Agendas 2023

If you send us your logo, we will design a free mockup of what your 2023 agendas will look like.

Agendas 2023

Plan the project now with our design team and confirm the purchase after your summer holidays.

Personalised 2023 Agendas Day-page

2023 Agendas page per day with sewn binding

Models: DC-17 and DC15

One of the best-selling 2023 agendas. The high quality of the paper and its perfect half-round (book-style) binding will give you the versatility and convenience you need on a daily basis.

agendas 2023 medidas

2023 Agendas page per day with Wire-O binding

Models: DW-17 and DW-15

A plus in compartments and structure for your agenda 2023 day page.

Wire-o binding provides additional ease of opening and writing. Its leatherette covers with compartments for documents and cards will make its functionality an extra for everyday comfort in the office.

agendas 2023 medidas

2023 Agenda page per day with ring bindings

Models: DA-17 and DA-15

The traditional option. Personalise your agenda to the maximum with the organisation of your choice using the ring system that allows you to remove or add pages according to your needs.

agendas 2023 medidas

Personalised agendas 2023 Week in review

2023 Agenda Semana Vista with stitched binding

Models : SC-17

2023 weekly Agendas with book-type binding.

The format semana vista consists of arranging the whole week on a double page and being able to consult our events, meetings and important information at a glance.

2023 Agendas Semana Vista with Wire-O binding

Models: SW-15, SW-17 and SW-20

The 2023 agendas with a cover and Wire-O binding have a triple advantage.

On one hand, they allow spare parts to be purchased in subsequent years, saving the cost of the covers. On the other hand, they have space for documents and business cards. What’s more, the opening of the Wire-O agendas is very convenient.

2023 Agenda Semana Vista with Wire-O pocket binding

Model: SW-8

The 2023 week at a glance pocket-sized agendas are the mini version of your corporate agenda.

The pocket-sized agenda allows you to carry it with you at all times and keep it handy for important appointments.

Our clients endorse us

katia lazzati
katia lazzati
21. Noviembre, 2022.
Amazing products, top quality customer service from Carmen! Absolutely recommended!
María Soporte
María Soporte
28. Octubre, 2022.
Hemos hecho un pedido de agendas corporativas y estamos encantados con el resultado. Tienen una gran calidad y han sido muy eficaces.
Luis Javier Macias Berezo
Luis Javier Macias Berezo
24. Octubre, 2022.
Buscábamos un producto de calidad y lo hemos encontrado. Las agendas, cuadernos o regalos de empresa nos han sorprendido al igual que el seguimiento y la atención personalizada de Alberto que nos ha guiado en encontrar el producto que estábamos buscando. Repetiremos seguro. Muy recomendables.
Juanjo Lliso Bartual
Juanjo Lliso Bartual
8. Julio, 2022.
Mi experiencia con Global Leather Goods no puede ser más satisfactoria. Contacté telefónicamente después de haber visto sus productos en internet y la atención ha sido desde el primer momento exquisita (me ha antendido siempre Alberto Devís), profesional pero muy cercana, muy personal. He recibido un producto de mucha calidad y una atención mejor todavía. Sin duda los recomendaré cuando tenga ocasión.
Umbrella Customer Edited
Umbrella Customer Edited
28. Febrero, 2022.
Es una suerte poder trabajar con una empresa tan comprometida e implicadas con los proyectos, sin importar el tamaño. No puedo estar más contenta de que formen parte de mi proyecto
19. Julio, 2021.
Espectacular calidad, servicio y atención. Han superado nuestras expectativas
Eva S.
Eva S.
28. Octubre, 2018.
Global Leather Goods is a family-owned business that always makes a special effort to provide its customers with an outstanding product and service. Besides the leather-clad diaries I got to know the small wallets, which they all produce in Spain to guarantee a high quality, and can say that they are being highly appreciated. I can recommend the company without any reservation.
Thais Rodríguez
Thais Rodríguez
14. Octubre, 2018.
Contacté a través de la web para comprar unos tarjeteros de piel corporativos para un evento. Me asesoraron muy bien y los tarjeteros fueron un éxito, repetiremos.
Juan Carlos Fernandez
Juan Carlos Fernandez
4. Julio, 2018.
Grandiosos profesionales.

Discover some of the agendas 2023 we have made for other clients

agendas 2023 personalizadas huawei


Huawei corporate agenda project

For Huawei we presented a project of corporate agendas with different versions. Their characteristic and lively corporate image greatly favored the selection of materials and the filter of options for this project. Their agendas include corporate pages with high quality text and images, including a map with their very important presence all over the planet.
agendas 2023 personalizadas lomonaco


Lomonaco's agenda project

We have manufactured several editions of the agendas of Grupo Lomonaco, the prestigious and well-known firm of high quality mattresses. For their latest edition we worked with brown and earth tones and used the flexible uvi ink marking technology for the logo on the cover and the dry thermo engraving to insert the year on the upper right side.
agendas 2023 personalizadas xiaomi


XIAOMI Corporate Agendas

Xiaomi proposes us the project of developing their corporate agendas adjusting the parameters to their corporate image. We studied with them the material options and they chose the Vivella® A858 material, a perfect color for their image. We also included a corporate page with a brand message on the inside. The model shown in the image is the SC-20, a 20x26 cm agenda with leatherette covers.
agendas 2023 personalizadas thyssenkrupp


thyssenkrupp's corporate agendas

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